Welcome to The Health Factory!

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Welcome to The Health Factory!


Health is freedom. That’s why our mission is to provide health products and remedies that are 100% natural and have proven to work. We invite you to visit our pages and find our solutions for everyday (and not so everyday) health problems.

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site logoThe Health Factory is a wholesaler of natural health products, including our world-famous Colloidal Minerals, Royal Jelly, O3 (Ozone) products and many more. Through the years our company has supplied natural health products to thousands of satisfied customers, always striving to help our customers lead healthier lives.
b-9A natural and healthy lifestyle is the key ingredient for a happy life. The Health Factory has researched proven methods of making your life more healthy. There is an abundance of health products and food supplements on the market, and we have looked into what really works to make you feel healthier and happier.