Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation

Indium is a mineral trace element (number 49 on the table of elements)INDIUM – THE ANTI-AGING MINERAL

Indium is a mineral trace element (number 49 on the table of elements). A trace element is a particle in minimal amounts in the diet of an organism which must be present to promote proper growth and function. Examples of other trace elements are zinc, copper and selenium.

In his book about this rare mineral, Dr. Morton Walker describes the importance of Indium for the absorption of all other minerals and trace elements in the body. Research has shown that Indium is a basic ingredient for the production of hormones.

Unfortunately, however, Indium no longer appears in our food. After our 25th year of life, there is no more indium present in the body and the first signs of aging and age-related illnesses begin to emerge.

It has been found that indium stimulates the endocrine glands in the body to function optimally and thereby allow your biological clock to run backwards. Indium is therefore also called the “rejuvenation trace element” and has been made available for you by The Health Factory as Indium+.


What does Indium+ do?

Just one daily drop of this rare mineral can reverse your age clock by stimulating a large number of youth promoting hormones and thereby alleviate and prevent ailments associated with aging.

It has been found that by using Indium as a nutritional supplement the hypothalamus and pituitary gland are beginning to function optimally again. These two endocrine glands are like “the boss” of all other endocrine glands in the body. If these two glands function optimally again they optimize the other endocrine glands.

People who have used Indium experienced the following benefits:

– When used long-term it reduced the outward signs of aging.
– Indium greatly improved endurance.
– The immune system was stronger.
– Less colds
– Reduced tendency of bruises and sprains and muscle strains.
– Decreased need for sleep.
– A strong increase in mental and physical health.
– A faster recovery after strenuous activity.

The personal experiences of Indium users also include:

Improved resistance to infections of the gums, decreased need for sugar in people with type 2 diabetes, improved response to anti-obesity diets, improved wellbeing during menstrual periods, headaches, and other physical problems.

Using indium as a supplement is in no way intended to replace any medical treatment whatsoever. Also the use of Indium does not substitute healthy eating. Consult your health care professional for questions about Indium or if you are taking prescription medication.