Colloidal Minerals

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Colloidal minerals

The optimum form of mineral supplementation

Minerals are the very source of physical life and the very foundation of nutrition, because the human body consist of approximately 4% minerals. Minerals control every organ and all the electrical impulses in our bodies. Minerals, like the 50+ trillion cells in our body they feed, work interdependently and we therefore need a full spectrum, the way they used to exist in plants. If minerals are not in the ground, they are not in the plant either – organic or not.

Mineral supplementation is essential. They form the basis and contribute the most essential source for our bodies to be able to function.

We can survive longer without vitamins than we can without minerals; without them, vitamins cannot be absorbed. Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals. This means that vitamin supplements would be of no use unless we also have adequate minerals.

Minerals are elements that originate in the soil and cannot be created by living things, such as plants and animals. Yet plants, animals and humans need minerals in order to be healthy. Plants absorb minerals from the soil and animals get their minerals from the plants or other animals they eat. Most of the minerals in the human diet come directly from plants, such as fruits and vegetables, or indirectly from animal sources. Minerals may also be present in your drinking water, but this depends on where you live and what kind of water you drink (bottled, tap). Minerals from plant sources may also vary from place to place, because the mineral content of the soil varies according to location.

Our body needs trace minerals (less than 100 mg/day) and major minerals (more than 100 mg/day).

Trace minerals are iron, zinc, copper, selenium, iodine, fluorine and chromium.

The major minerals are sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, manganese, sulphur, cobalt and chlorine.

Trace minerals are amongst others iron, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, iodine, fluorine and chromium.

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blue-splashMinerals serve 3 roles:

  • They provide structure in forming bones and teeth;
  • They help maintain normal heart rhythm, muscle contractibility, neural conductivity and acid-base balance;
  • They help regulate cellular metabolism by becoming part of enzymes and hormones that modulate cellular activity.

Some examples:

Iron is required for growth and hemoglobin formation; inadequate amounts can lead to “weakness, fatigue, pallor, dyspnea on exertion, palpitation, and a sense of being overly tired.

Clinical deficiency of magnesium can results in depressed tendon reflexes, muscle fasciculations, tremor, muscle spasm, personality changes, anorexia, nausea, and vomiting.

Zinc and Copper need to be supplemented in combination (ratio 10:1). Anemia, neutropenia, and osteoporosis are observed with copper deficiency”; copper is involved in connective tissue, iron metabolism, the central nervous system, melanin pigment, thermal regulation, cholesterol metabolism, immune function, and cardiac function.

Gold is known as the king of minerals. Deficiency is associated with Arthritis, gland dysfunction, brain dysfunction, heat flashes, chills, insomnia and joint inflammation.

Colloidal Silver stops pathogens from causing infection. Silver has historically been one of man’s most reliable tools in supporting the immune system against various germ caused maladies.

184044Mineral deficiency is not controversial, it is a fact.

Soil scientists have known for many years about the decline in soil fertility. To address the problem, farmers, agricultural companies and governments have advocated a number of solutions which, however, have not ensured that our food is more nutritious.

Farming is big business and the aim to is give people cheaper food and make profits. This has meant that crops are genetically modified to ensure resistance against disease and to grow faster; that pesticides and herbicides are used to control pests; that ammonium-based fertilizers are applied to try to improve the soil.

This business has created an entirely unnatural ecosystem, where the soil has become barren and devoid of micro-organisms that are needed to create organic mineral complexes. The trace minerals have been used up and there is no immediate way to restore the micro-organisms.

The minerals from the soil contribute to producing nutrient rich food (including minerals). These nutrients are absorbed by us when we consume food. Like it or not, we are connected to the soil. If it’s depleted, then so are we.

This explains why our current food is no longer capable of supplying us with all the minerals we need on a daily basis and supplementation is essential.

Most of us are suffering from certain diet deficiencies, which cannot be remedied until depleted soils from which our food comes are brought into proper mineral balance. In fact we used to get trace amounts of minerals such as silver and gold from ancient grains such as spelt, bulgur and kamut. These trace minerals are extremely small in size but extremely powerful to our health.

However, this is no longer available to the majority of us on the planet, organic or not.


Mineral supplements we buy in the store are either derived from ground rock (hydrophobic), like clay, salt and ground products. Derived from plants (hydrophilic) or manufactured, under very specific circumstances.

For minerals to have any value in supplementation, there are several factors which are key:

  • Their size;
  • Their electromagnetic charge;
  • Their shape;
  • Their stability.

The word “colloidal” refers to something which has a small particle size that when it is suspended (not dissolved) in a liquid medium (such as water) the particles neither sink to the bottom nor float to the top. In the case of minerals colloids, this is due to their unique electromagnetic charges, which bind them to each other.

Particle size is an important factor in minerals absorption since a basis physic law states that the smaller a particle the greater its relative surface area. It is upon this surface area that the body chemistry must act in order to break down and absorb any nutrient.

Therefor colloidal minerals, which are a far smaller size, are better absorbed than pills or powders.

A plant derived mineral is between several thousand and a million times smaller, than the smallest metallic ground mineral.

The colloidal minerals manufactured by The Health Factory are even smaller, due to our very specific and unique manufacturing process.

Colloids this small have been tested and proven in laboratories that they can pass easily through a one-inch thick paper filter. This means they would pass easily through the skin and enter the soft tissue regardless of a person’s ability to absorb.

The colloidal minerals of The Health Factory are being manufactured in extremely purified water in order to control the size and shape and making them even more pure (99,997%), safe, powerful and beneficial than plant sourced minerals.

What about toxicity?

Due to the extensive pollution of our environment at virtually every level, consumers are being bombarded with warnings about the toxic effects of metals such as aluminum, cadmium, lead, mercury and others. In their base state, these elements can seriously compromise an individual’s health status. In their base state, they are often stored in the soft tissues of the body because an elimination pathway cannot be found.

Colloidal minerals in these extremely small sizes however, have absolutely no toxicity whatsoever because they cannot be stored by the body for longer than a couple of hours.

The small size of the minerals makes it possible for the body to absorb them. A particle that size allows all the particles to pass thru the organs and tissues doing their job but as the particle size is between 1-5 nanometers, they cannot remain in the body but instead pass out through the normal means of urine and feces but also through the skin, leaving nothing behind for the immune system to consider a problem.

Minerals entering your body via nutrition become ionic (electromagnetically charged) once they are entering the cells via the intestines. This process needs stomach acid, of which is not enough available of for most people. This means that the minerals cannot be absorbed and the body will store them, which can create toxic amounts (in the case of iron or for example kidney stones).

The colloidal minerals of The Health Factory circumvent the digestive system or the need for stomach acid. Absorption starts when keeping the minerals in your mouth for a short time, using oral mucosa, before swallowing. Again, preventing toxicity.

Each particle is ionic, which means that they bear an electrical charge positive or negative, all minerals carry an electrical charge which binds them to each other or keeps them apart.

Whether the electromagnetic charge is positive or negative is a major factor that affects mineral availability and subsequent absorption. Unfortunately, it is a factor about which very little is understood by manufacturers and consumers alike.

The cells of the intestine are positive on the outside and negative on the inside. Therefore, negatively charged minerals are attracted to a greater extent than their positively charged counterparts (rocks and clays, whether chelated or not). Like charges repel one another, thus impeding absorption.

Since opposite charges attract, negatively charged colloidal minerals are much easier for the positively charged intestines to absorb.

Minerals manufactured by The Health Factory however, are negatively charged and therefore very well absorbed in the human body. Colloidal Silver though, is positively charged. This is not an essential mineral and this charge is needed to fight negatively charged aerobe bacterias.


Our mineral particles are unique in the way that its particles are sphere shaped, where as other colloids are cube shaped. With a cube shaped particle there are many 90 degree angles which cause a loss of electrical charge on the particles. Our particles are spherical in shape, making it work much faster and more effectively than other products in the market place.

Zeta Potential:

Spherical shaped particles have an electrical charge (the so called Zeta Potential). Zeta potential is the electrical charge surrounding each particle within the colloid. In addition to being the force that either keeps the particles apart (in high Zeta Potential colloids) or drives them together (in low Zeta Potential and low quality colloids).

The high Zeta potential is discovered to contains previously unrecognized healing properties.

By putting the colloidal particles in a sphere shape, the rough edges that would cause them to lose any of their charge have been eliminated. This major breakthrough is quite unique. The shape of the particle is key to maximizing Zeta Potential.

The Health Factory produces spherical particles in all its colloids.

Spherical particles have no corners or rough edges to disturb the energy field around it. This allows for a maximum of Zeta Potential and a very stable colloid, which means longer shelf life. Irregular shaped particles lower the Zeta potential, decrease the shelf life, making it all less safe and effective product due to the less stable quality (lower zeta potential means agglomeration of particles) and reduce the healing qualities. The maximum Zeta value is negative or positive 60 milliVolts. Our colloidal minerals have a certified Zeta potential of 60mv + or -.

Not only do our minerals not disturb the good bacteria, but the good bacteria’s activity is actually enhanced while destroying pathogens.

Particles should range in size from 1/1000th to 1/100th of a micron (1-10 nanometers). The size and the size variation are very critical because the particles need to enter the cellular and Mitochondrial wall structure as well as to penetrate the smallest vicious viruses and prions. Different sizes of particles are needed to be effective on the various microbes in order to give a much fuller range of pathogenic destruction. The human body has no difficulty absorbing or excreting our colloidal minerals. Once the particles are formed correctly, in the right size, and given the correct charge (only the Colloidal Silver has appositive charge, all the others have a negative charge), they are always in motion and repel each other because they all have the same charge (Zeta Potential).

No other colloidal minerals on the market have this level of Zeta Potential.


Colloidal Minerals of The Health Factory are:

  • Extremely small, even smaller than plant derived minerals and are therefore very well absorbed by by the human body.
  • Non-toxic. Due to their small size they can pass organs and tissues and leave nothing behind for the immune system or digestive process to be considered a problem. 
  • Spherical in shape, making it work much faster and more effectively than other products in the market place.

The shape of the particle is key to maximizing Zeta Potential. Zeta potential is the electrical charge surrounding each particle within the colloid. The electrical charge contains previously unrecognized healing properties. Maximizing Zeta Potential also means longer shelf life.