The Power of Colloidal Silver

Hans Beekmans, DentistThe Power of Silver


Based on my experiences in my dental practice, I can recommend using Colloidal Silver for dental application.

Colloidal Silver is a very old anti-bacterial, anti-fungus and anti-virus remedy. Already long ago, silver was used as a workable remedy against threats of infections and decay. Drinking from silver cups and eating with silver cutlery was not only a luxury, it was mainly a protection against infection.

In space technology, Colloidal Silver is used to disinfect water, and farmers used to throw silver coins in the milk when the milk company was late in collecting the milk, or the weather was too hot.

These are all reasons to take a closer look into the use of silver as an infection remedy, moreover because silver does not generate any side-effects. Only extremely prolonged use of impure silver used to turn people blue in the past — a disorder which is called argyria. Hence the term “blue blood” for old noblemen (and women)! But this has nothing to do with a good solution of colloidal silver, as is manufactured today.

In my practice I use Colloidal Silver to prevent and handle infections coming from bacteria, fungi and viruses. For example, as anti-bacterial I use CS for abcesses, periopical infections, rootcanal treatments, parodontal infections, perimplantitis and as a preventative when placing implants. I use a dose of 15-20 ppm which is stronger than the normal maintenance dose which can be used against infections.

Viral infections such as common colds and herpes can also be successfully treated with CS, as well as fungi of the mouth and irritations on the tongue.

I recommend in the treatment of infections a dose of 10 spoonfuls a day of 10-15 ppm CS. For purposes of maintenance and to prevent infections I recommend 2 spoonfuls a day. After surgery, 10 spoonfuls per day for a week after the treatment is an excellent way to hasten the healing process.

Dr. Hans Beekmans, Dentist